St. Johns County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #113 does not solicit donations or funds via telephone or mail distribution.  However, there are some lodges who choose to solicit and may use a paid telemarketing company to do so and all members of the Fraternal Order of Police benefit from these donations.  Lodge #113 does not receive any portion of these monies, regardless of what the solicitor is advising.   Oftentimes, these companies take a large portion of your donation and give a small percentage to the FOP.  We caution you in choosing to contribute to any telephone solicitor. 

Any donations requested through our email distribution benefit St. Johns County Law Enforcement Officers directly.  Lodge #113 may send an email to our identified recipients for a specified donation which can be verified on our Donations page.  

Our Recommendation is to encourage you to donate directly to the Lodge of your choice for maximum benefit of your generosity and to provide the greatest impact to your local community and its law enforcement officers.  Lodge #113 does accept your donation  


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 Video Courtesy of BJ Hall